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Welcome to Dagbreek Kennels

German Shorthaired Pointers

Welcome to the home of Dagbreek GSP Kennels. We are German Shorthaired Pointer breeders situated in Marble Hall, Limpopo.

Dagbreek GSP Kennels breed GSP’s with the sole purpose to provide quality GSP’s to real animal lovers. Our dogs perform all over the country!

Dagbreek GSP Kennels is registered at:
KUSA: Ambelagi Reg No. 145041
SACBR: Kennel Reg No. GSP01/2010

If you ever find yourself in trouble with your GSP, that you adopted from Dagbreek, contact me. We prefer to deal with our own rehome cases.
Rescue GSP's from other sources are also available and waiting for loving homes at GSP RESCUE SA. Feel free to contact them...


Read the amazing "Story of Heiko"


The story will be updated from time to time with new achievements and exciting news, so be sure to stay updated.


GSP Versatility

These videos show yet another use for the GSP/Hierdie videos toon maar net weer die ongelooflik aanwending van die GSP. GENIET!

  • Charlene se Garmin doen water retrieval

  • Dr Roger Mugford

  • Dr Roger Mugford het Garmin gebruik vir n demo

  • Leika van Johan Van der Merwe

  • Jersey (9 weeks) pointing

  • Jeager's training

  • GSP fetch - training with Remona

  • Scott's hunting video

  • Malcolm and Alphie

  • GSP in Germany

  • Tracey's Jersey pointing

  • Pointer op explosive detection..... 2

  • Pointer op explosive detection..... 1

  • Jaco Boxer, springstofhond Slaag Denel registrasi

  • Klarissa Gdal

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