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Welcome to Dagbreek Kennels

German Shorthaired Pointers

Welcome to the home of Dagbreek GSP Kennels. We are German Shorthaired Pointer breeders situated in Marble Hall, Limpopo.

Dagbreek GSP Kennels breed GSP’s with the sole purpose to provide quality GSP’s to real animal lovers. Our dogs perform all over the country!

Dagbreek GSP Kennels is registered at:
KUSA: Ambelagi Reg No. 145041
SACBR: Kennel Reg No. GSP01/2010


If you ever find yourself in trouble with your GSP, that you adopted from Dagbreek, contact me . We prefer to deal with our own rehome cases.
Rescue GSP's from other sources are also available and waiting for loving homes at GSP RESCUE SA. Feel free to contact them.



These videos show yet another use for the GSP/Hierdie videos toon maar net weer die ongelooflik aanwending van die GSP. GENIET!

  • GSP 3

  • Petro and Heiko

  • Loffie Quex teaching Heiko how to do it

  • Klarissa Gdal

Latest News

  • | Latest News

    Gundog puppy group

    Heiko got second placing in the gundog puppy group at the NAPC top dog show on Sunday 13 January 2019.


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  • | Latest News

    Charlene en Garmin doen dit weer!

    Garmi is n awesome partner ons doen elke Sondag 5km trail run en is altyd di eerste hond.....ons beste tyd was twee weke terug 24:45 wat meen onder 5min per kilometer - super trots op hom.

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  • | Latest News

    Joubert Coetzer se 2 GSP's

    Fritz en Gitta, het by die familie aangesluit en deel nou in hierdie hemelse plaaslewe. Dankie vir sulke huise. 

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  • | Latest News

    Charlene en Garmin

    Charlene en Garmin doen dit weer!!!

    Nog n CD kwalifikasie, beplan om na volgende show op te skuif na TD1, werk hard aan tracking.

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  • | Latest News

    Puppie testing day at Dagbreek

    Natural abilities were tested.  Blood trail, bird sense, gunshots, air sense and ground sense.  Willingness to work and drive were also tested.  We even had a few points!!


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  • | Latest News

    Explosive Detection

    Jaco Malan is n man wat weet hoe om met honde te werk. Weggooi honde word honde wat in baie belangrike diens aangewend word by hom.

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  • | Latest News

    Wonder of Nature

    Hi to all dog lovers, though you would enjoy this... My young female Dash had a litter of 12. I help by bottle feeding 6 pups from day 1. On day 4 my old female, Patrys, almost break down the kennel fence to get inside Dash's puppy camp.

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  • | Latest News

    The Story of Heiko

    Dagbreek strife to breed GSP’s that are versatile and have absolutely clean genes. The dogs must adhere to international standards.
    I like strong, bold and high drive dogs. The first male, Sven, answered to all these specifications and it...

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