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May 30, 2018

The Story of Heiko

Dagbreek strife to breed GSP’s that are versatile and have absolutely clean genes. The dogs must adhere to international standards.
I like strong, bold and high drive dogs. The first male, Sven, answered to all these specifications and it showed in his pups.
Kai, the gentle male, is an outstanding runner with good endurance while working.
And then I bought Quex Vom Mausberg…….. what a stunner!!

He is the son of Conan Seehoff and Meike Von Thuringer. He has an adorable personality and was taken through his training by world-renowned Jan Jannsen in Germany. The pups from Quex and various females, proof to be the cream of working dogs. Of cause, all owners do not show or compete in HPR clubs, but in private the success stories never stops.

Quex and Kai start to get long in the tooth and Dagbreek search high and low for a worthy companion to the job of breeding…..

The search started in South Africa. Then moved to Catrinel Pauna in Romania where Conan Seehoff is retired in her home.
From many discussions and Catrinel’s expert advice, Heiko Von Den Donau-Wirbeln arrive in South Africa.
I decided to make my sister, Petro, co-owner of Heiko. Petro is a dedicated person who took the training, showing and hunt training of Heiko upon herself. Needless to say… I lost my dog
The bond between Petro and Heiko is incredible.
Petro started training in all seriousness. Heiko reacted eagerly to the challenges.

Heiko at 4 months
Heiko during SAVHDA training
Heiko was selected as reserve champion at the age of 5 months.