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Jun 13, 2018

Wonder of Nature

Hi to all dog lovers, though you would enjoy this... My young female Dash had a litter of 12. I help by bottle feeding 6 pups from day 1. On day 4 my old female, Patrys, almost break down the kennel fence to get inside Dash's puppy camp.

I open the gate and Patrys immediately go into the box, lie down and start nursing and cleaning. I checked her nipples and there was milk!! Well, she is nursing 6 pups and Dash nurses 6 for the past 6 days. No fighting, all in harmony. I experienced something similar 10 years ago when a black mamba snake killed 3 of my dogs. My stud male, a young female and a female who had a litter of 15 4 days previous. 2 of my female, who just finished there small litters, went in and start nursing the litter up to 4 weeks when I start them off on soaked puppy food. I can write a book on the wonder of nature in my breeding years.