Our Puppies

All of our puppies are raised with the other family pets to get them used to a home’s general sights, sounds and chaos plus of course, lots of hugs and kisses. They are handled from the time they are born until they go to their new forever homes at 8 weeks.
They are also exposed to a lot of different sounds, textures, and environments. We raise our pups in large encampments with dams and lots of search areas where they run around and interact with the adult dogs to socialise and learn the pack order from an early age.
All puppies are vet checked, current on shots, deworming done every 2 weeks and registered with KUSA.

Breeding Policy

At Dagbreek new owners are on a waiting list, waiting for a pup and not lots of puppies waiting for owners. Mating only take place with selected breeding pairs IF there is 7 people on the waiting list. When puppies are born they already have approved owners.

Puppies are weaned at six weeks. Introduction to solid food starts at three weeks. We give our first Parvo Puppy vaccine at four weeks. Deworming starts with the bitch before whelping and continues with the pups every two weeks until departure. The second vaccination is at six weeks and the third at three months. Thereafter your dog will require annual ‘booster’ vaccinations for the rest of his/her life.

We guarantee the health of all of our dogs to be without genetic defects of any kind. Diseases are not genetic and should someone fail to follow a responsible vaccination program… we have no control after a pup leaves and we do hope everyone understands that they need to follow up with their own on-going vaccination schedule.

Our females are only permitted to have 1 litter per calendar year. Our dogs and puppies are raised in a family environment as part of our family!! Our kennels are clean and kept hygienic. The bitch and litter are kept in special whelping rooms up to the age of one week when we remove the partitions and the pups are allowed to exercise in a larger secluded area. After the fragile age of three weeks, the pups are introduced to the family of dogs.

Pups are kept away from the larger dogs to prevent injury as the larger dogs can get carried away while playing and hurt the pups. We don’t raise “kennel” dogs here!! These are definitely family dogs for the home that “turn on” in the field for an incredible hunting partner; however, we encourage some form of puppy social /obedience class for new puppies and their families. Our goal is to breed conformationally correct GSP’s that are manageable, stylish, and even-tempered with a strong desire to hunt, point and retrieve.
We strongly advise new owners to understand that they are taking a very active companion into their homes that need space to play.

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