K9 Tracking

Personal & Home Protection Dogs & Working Dogs - Bloodspoor Trailing - Gundog Training

K9 Tracking and Gundog Training with Todd Lutman is a Family Owned Company that offers a variety of quality Working Dogs, we offer training and trained Dogs.
We specialize in providing Personal & Family Protection Dogs of exceptionally high quality.
We committed in helping to fight crime, poaching and stock theft we offer trained and training of Mantrailing/Tracking Dogs for Anti Poaching, Stock Theft and tracking down criminals. "Personal Family Home Protection Dogs, Bloodspoor Trailing, Blood Dog Tracking, Gundog Training, Mantrailing, Anti Poaching-Stock Theft, Trained Dogs for Sale"

Supporting our South Africa's Safari industry we have perfected a unique and highly successful training programme for Bloodspoor Dogs for assisting in locating wounded game.
South Africa offers some of the Worlds best Bird Shooting opportunities while offering Bird Shooting opportunities as part of our additional business we provide high quality trained Gundogs and training of Clients Gundogs. All our Dogs are sourced and bred from some of the best working bloodlines available.

My K9 Handlers & I personally handle all the training of our Dogs & Clients Dogs in training. Our Home & Base is located between Vaalwater & Lapelale Limpopo, South Africa.
Dogs and training is our passion, its a way of life for our Family and Team.