In memory of…. Quex

In memory of…. Quex

A sad day for Dagbreek GSP Kennels

Quex was imported from Germany. He was trained to perfection by the famous Jan Janssen. He worked as a tracker of wounded game with renowned PH, Nolte Roets.
Quex was a robust and strongly built dog that did everything in overdrive. He was independent, but become a lamb when touched and talked to.
Quex had excellent natural abilities. He got first prize with the Derby, Solms and VGP exams in Germany.

On Thursday 15 March 2018 Quex Vom Mausberg, my pride and joy, passed away. He was my first imported stud from Germany. A Cobra (Naja annilufera – wipneus Kobra) bit him. The snake’s venom is neurotoxic, Quex did not stand a chance!

Quex will be remembered for his high drive. Even at the age of 11 he still executed search and retrieve with powerful precision and zest. 

Quex is no longer by my side but forever in my heart.

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