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Dagbreek Kennels is proud to announce that we have forged ties with a personal dog trainer in the Groblersdal area.

As with everything in life, reality is not always what a person expects. There may be times when you think that the investment you have made in a Dagbreek GSP may after all not be for you. The new `baby` in your life will definitely become a dog and this dog will have hunting instincts... This may be just what you are waiting for and you are happy when it happens, but if your GSP caught you on the wrong foot, we have the solution for you!

Ramona Truter of Tru K-9 Academy stands ready to help. Ramona specialises in the behavior of dogs and has a special way with the discipline of GSP dogs. Please contact her for any advice or help with your puppy or adult dog.

Contact Ramona at: 084 250 6699


1. Info: Teresa Siebert het met Rex dissipline probleme gehad. Ramona het vir haar raad gegee.

Terugvoer: "Hi Ramona. Die training gaan stadig maar seker. Hy is slim, maar hy is 'n klein kansvatter :) Ten minste wil niemand nou meer vir hom 'n ander huis kry nie, so die mens-training gaan ook baie goed. Baie dankie vir al jou raad en geduld en luister. Jy is my hero! Teresa"

2. Info:
 Petro en Hugo het probleme gehad met ooraktiwiteit in 'n klein stadserf. Hugo het 'n week by Ramona gekuier.

Terugvoer: "Dit gaan regtig goed met ons twee saam. Hy luister nou meer kere as nie as ek roep. Net soms werk die hormone oortyd. Ek gaan een konformasie skou met hom doen dan is dit snip snip."

The South African Field Trial Club

This dog and owner friendly club offer the following

Dog Training classes are run on the first Saturday of each month. Training will include:
  • Introduction to birds
  • Proper introduction to the gun
  • Pointing
  • Retrieving on land and water
  • Teaching the come (here) command
  • Teaching the steady command
  • Backing
  • Steady to wing
  • Steady to wing and shot.

Annual field trailing events. Our classical field trials are held every year since 1908. The club has an accumulation of venues that can be used for field trials. The venues are surveyed each year in order to ascertain the best grounds for that years field trials according to cover and game bird population.

Position  Name  Phone Number Email 
President Frans Rosslee 072 100 7210 President@saftc.co.za
V. President Robby Zorrer 083 267 0447 vpresident@saftc.co.za
Secretary Susan Allen 083 643 6877 secretary@saftc.co.za
Treasurer Roberto Marcer   treasurer@saftc.co.za